I recently ventured out to a smallish Vienniese phone shop who was the cheapest supplier for a phone I direly needed. Being the chatty critter I am, I asked them how they feel about the Storm – here is what they had to say:

From our point of view, the Storm is extraordinary. It is the first RIM device where people come or call asking if we have it.

Unfortunately, we have to decline. While the devices supplier-side purchase price of about 335 Euros is bearable, it is impossible to get these critters without a sim lock anywhere…and don’t ask about unbranded versions.

I would carry it immediately if I could…but cant.

I personally think that this is insane. We are looking at a small discount store (with very competent and talkative employees, which is rare) in Austria…and even there, folks ask about the box.

This leads me to the conclusion that many (if not most) of the doomsday prophecies are highly exaggerated. Of course, there are unsatisfied customers here and there (expectable due to platform switch)…but the device still seems to be very popular…

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