Being a stylus head to the bone, I have never understood why users were excited to loose an extra way to control their handset. However, the market demands capacitive – and capacitive they will get.

However, Nokia’s EVP of services seems to have a similar opinion to yours truly. When asked about why Nokia is as weak in the US as it is, he stated the following:

…Yes, we’ve been lacking here in the U.S. In other parts of the world, we’ve done a better job capturing the consumers’ needs and closer to what they want. Here is a good example. Look at touch screens. We went with a resistive touch screen first, not because we didn’t think of using capacitive technology, but because we thought people would rather use a stylus to write Asian characters and send SMS messages. It wasn’t like “Oh Gee, we hadn’t thought of that.” Rightly or wrongly the decision was to put consumers’ needs first.

I personally think that many applications (e.g. note taking and sketching: strategy games) still demand a stylus, and hope that manufacturers will continue to provide these with touchscreen devices.

What do you think?

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