AT&T users should expect data speed issues on Friday – this is not due to maintenance, but rather due to an “arson attack” on the carrier.

A somewhat popular blogger (who will not be linked to here) has stated the following to his readers, who are likely to do as told by their great master:

Subject: Operation Chokehold
On Friday, December 18, at noon Pacific time, we will attempt to overwhelm the AT&T data network and bring it to its knees. The goal is to have every iPhone user (or as many as we can) turn on a data intensive app and run that app for one solid hour. Send the message to AT&T that we are sick of their substandard network and sick of their abusive comments. THe idea is we’ll create a digital flash mob. We’re calling it in Operation Chokehold. Join us and speak truth to power!

I personally can’t imagine a more asinine behavior, but have to regret that it is common: in Austria, students once went as far as to publicly defecate in universities in order to show their unhappyness with the curriculum. That this does little except add a smell issue to the situation, well – people are stupid, after all…

Anyways: if your data is especially slow on Friday, don’t blame AT&T…

P.S. I know that, from a purely legal standpoint,m this can not be classified as arson as the individuals involved just choose to use the service they paid for at a specific time. However, its antisocial nevertheless…

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