RIM’s BlackBerry Storm 2 is hardly a new device. Most carriers who had the original Storm have already switched to the second version of the device.

This has led to “grey-market” availability of such devices OTC. However, all those who wanted an unbranded unit were out of luck – until now. The French distributor BlueTrade has just started to carry these devices:
storm 2 unlocked Unlocked BlackBerry Storm 2 hits retailers

Further information via the URL below:

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2 Responses to “Unlocked BlackBerry Storm 2 hits retailers”

  1. I was hoping to ask you a question, since you know som much on the subject.

    What’s the difference between the tour 2 and the bold 2. I am an avid bberry user and I got the 8900 like the day it came out and then I switched to the curve 2 because I couldn’t resist how tiny it seemed. Now that I’ve concluded that it sucks I was thinking about switching. I looked at those 2 new one but wasn’t sure. I was in love with my 8900 and was considering going back to it. The reason I never like the tour or the bold is because I like that the buttons on the curve and those bberrys before it had the buttons not next to it. Now with all this new technology on them; I’m thinking I’m going to have to conform.

    I totally appreciate any input on the matter as I’m totally lost.

    Thanks so much


  2. Hi Sean,
    nice to see you here!

    I have now looked at it, and it seems to be a question of carrier choice – the Tour is a CDMA device, while the Bold is GSM.

    So, I need to ask again. What carrier do you want to have?


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