Dear Readers,
thank you all for the emails stating that we’ve been hacked, and that the site layout has been changed – I have come here to announce that the new design is intentional.

Our old design, Tiga, was designed by an individual named Shamsul Azhar. He has, unfortunately, disappeared…and the theme is no longer compatible with WordPress 3.0.

As we had to create a new design anyways, we decided to create something radically new which especially takes advantage of high-res screens. In particular, enjoy the following:
Different design
So far, mobile-related web sites always were black-on-white. We go the other way and hope that you will like it!

Rotating background images
This is another little nicety we have in stock. If all works well, you will soon be able to feast your eyes on a different background image every day. Artistic, mobile-related, funny Doris is currently curating a kickass selection for your viewing pleasure.

It is our target to make the TCN stand out from the rest of the mobile media not only by delivering quality content and analysis, but also in a visually appealing sense.

Unfortunately, good things take time. So, please bear with us as some small things break and keep us in the loop by sending emails to tamhan (at) tamoggemon (dot) com. Or, shoot us a tweet via @tamhanna.

P.S. Follow @tamhanna on Twitter to find out what each day’s background image is…

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