Even though our friends from Krusell might not be too well-known among power users, their retail presence among less technically-savvy users is more than on par with our friends and supporters from Proporta.

This allows them to generate interesting atatistics on which phones the “average man on the street” uses – for June, they look as following:

1.(-) Apple iPhone 4
2.(1) Nokia 3720 Classic
3.(4) HTC Desire
4.(3) Apple iPhone 3G
5.(5) Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10
6.(-) Samsung S8500
7.(6) Nokia E52
8.(7) Samsung B2100
9.(2) Nokia 6700 Classic
10.(9) Nokia 2730 Classic
() = Last monthís position.

Apple goes straight to the top this month with the release of the iPhone 4. HTC takes the biggest blow with only one model remaining, compared to last monthís three, while Nokia stays strong with four positions out of ten.

-The incredible numbers of units sold in the first few days alone tells us that the iPhone 4 is here to stay. While it seems that Android manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung lost this round, Iím sure they have something up their sleeves to rival the iPhone. Nokia as well, with Symbian^3 and Meego-based units well under way. This will be an interesting last half of 2010 for sure, says Ulf Sandberg, MD at Krusell.

As always – a big thanks to Krusell for providing us with data…

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