When it comes to finding out which devices are actually liked by users, the data provided by the Swedish case manufacturer Krusell can be extremely valuable. The reason for that is that their main sales vectors are not the online business, but rather stores frequented by – um – less geeky people.

For July 2010, the sales stats look as following:

1. (1) Apple iPhone 4
2. (2) Nokia 3720 Classic
3. (-) Apple iPad
4. (-) HTC HD2
5. (7) Nokia E52
6. (-) HTC Wildfire
7. (6) Samsung S8500 Wave
8. (3) HTC Desire
9. (9) Nokia 6700 Classic
10. (4) Apple iPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 4 and iPad are both among Top 3 on Krusellís Top 10 list for July. ĖOur top seller list have since the start only had traditional mobile phones and PDAís participating, but we live in a fast moving industry and itís great to see iPad rushing in on a third place, says Ulf Sandberg, CEO at Krusell. Itís definitely a sign of a new product segment entering our business. The feat made by iPad is even more impressive in the light that itís still only a limited number of markets where the device is released.

Not much to add here…

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