Dear Readers,
exciting times lay ahead for the Tamoggemon Content Network. First of all, a full-time news editor will be watching over the news shortly in order to keep you all in the loop. In addition, we plan to make life on these sites more fun by giving you free stuff. Yes, you have read right – free stuff, for doing essentially nothing.

For this week, we will be giving away a surprise prize donated by our friends at Krusell’s. While we cannot disclose what you will get, rest assured that you will like it (assuming that you have a mobile phone supported by their cases).

Winning is easy! All you need to do is leave an useful comment or news tip at any of our web properties. At the end of the week, we will determine an individual who will celebrate with our little prize.

With best regards
Tam Hanna

P.S. We are still looking at things to give away. Tell us what you would like to win (books, cases, software, etc) – maybe we will be able to work something out for you…

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