JezzBall is an evergreen. Tamoggemon’s award-winning BallZ series has brought JezzBall fun to PalmOS and Symbian heads – bada users are now a target, too.
screen2 Tamoggemon releases BallZ Free   JezzBall for Bada

Effective immediately, users can use Samsung Apps on their Wave smartphone to download a free trial version of JezzBall. BallZ Free contains the following features:

  • 8 levels
  • Background music
  • Full SFX

A full version containing 30 colorful levels will be released in the near future, and will be announced in a separate release. Support for QVGA devices is being implemented as you tread this, and will become available along with the paid version.

Tam Hanna, CEO of Tamoggemon states the following:

Developing applications and games for Samsung’s bada OS was a fascinating experience. Tamoggemon is always interested in supporting new and promising platforms – and Samsung bada has the potential to be a smash hit!”.

Further information can be obtained here:

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