Both PalmGear and Handango had similar problems: arrogant staff, bloated contracts and an unclear revenue share formula. When the two companies merged, it took them an insanely long time to even start thinking about a way to merge the developer backends…

The latest twitching of this well-known corpse is a name change – the official announcement sent out to developers is below:

We are excited to let you know that today we’ve announced the rebranding and relaunch of PocketGear under the new name, Appia. The name Appia comes from “Via Appia”, the first major road connecting cities in the ancient Roman Empire. In the same way, Appia today connects the mobile application ecosystem and our 32,000 partners with distribution in 200+ countries.

Our new name is the external reflection of a deeper change in our business strategy as the premier open mobile application marketplace provider. Today we are focusing more on building and powering storefronts for other companies and brands including mobile operators, handset manufacturers, browser providers and mobile portals. Our commerce platform is unique and our relationships with partners like you are invaluable to the hundreds of mobile operators worldwide who are clamoring for a cross-platform open app store to satisfy their customers’ app-etite.

We thank you for your continued partnership and look forward to big things ahead in 2011. We have many new distribution partners and services that we will be rolling out in the months ahead to make it even easier for you to reach the millions of mobile consumers visiting Appia-powered storefronts every day.

Although, and will continue to operate as direct to consumer sites, all of our developer programs are now consolidated under the Appia name and our upgraded developer portal, which will be available for use very early next week at You will also notice that all of our emails here have changed to, though the old PocketGear emails will still be in effect for a while. There should be no other changes in how you log in or interact with our services.

Renaming a dead horse does not make it alive again – not much to add here…

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