India has hit the nail on the head by launching the cheapest tablet computer ever. At $35, Aakash, which means sky in Hindi, is the cheapest computer out there.

Whats more shocking (pun intended) is that the Government off India wants to bring down the price of Aakash to $10.

According to The Economic Times

..priced at $35 (Rs 1,750) for students pursuing graduation and said that the government aimed to increase production to bring down the cost of the tablet to less than $10 (Rs 500). The government is sourcing the tablet from UK-based Datawind at Rs 2,256 – inclusive of all taxes, levies, freight and insurance charges, servicing and documentation.

Aakash costs a fraction of the iPad and other tablets out there. It runs Android 2.2, has Wi-Fi, 3g, has a 7 inch screen, 2 USB ports, resistive touchscreen, 236MB RAM and memory expandable upto 32GB via memory cards. Though there are plans to upgrade the overall specs in the near future.

According to Kapil Sibal,

Our ultimate aim is that in the coming years this tablet should cost less than $10. Datawind has said that if an order of one million units is placed the cost of the tablet (to the government) would be Rs 1,750 ($35), on which the government will offer a 50% subsidy (while giving it to students)

Stay tuned for more.!!


Video Credit : Al Jazeera Youtube Channel

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