The internet is witness to the madness of Apple fans who line up days before a store to get their hands on the newly launched Apple devices. But this time it is not the Apple fans, but BlackBerry maniacs who almost caused a riot when it came to the launch of the BlackBerry Bold 9790 in Indonesia.

The launch was very peaceful, just like the peace loving citizens of Indonesia. But then word spread that the store had ran out of inventory, and that was the time when hell broke loose

According to Financial Post

Several would-be BlackBerry buyers were reportedly injured while several others fainted from the crush of the crowd as hundreds of local riot police sought to contain the melee. Likely fuelling the agitation was a promotion offering the first 1,000 buyers of the new touchscreen bold — also known as the BlackBerry Bellagio — a 50% discount on the normally US$540 device.

“There were scuffles because people who arrived last night were placed at the end of the line,” eyewitness Janjuk Setiawan told local media.

This, minus the ruckus,would definitely be seen as a welcome sign by Ontario. Indonesia already has a user base of over 6 million BlackBerry devices users. What many people do not know is that Indonesia is (was) the largest market for the Nokia Communicator line of devices.

We just hope RIM continues to fend off problems and see more fanfare like this (minusthe ruckus) in rest of the world.

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