When it comes to traditional perceptions, BlackBerry users are the most motivated when it comes to buying apps – Android users are said to be on the other end of the scale. Thus, it is not too surprising that RIMs offer of an Android VM for the PlayBook was gladly accepted.

Mobile Apps Briefing now reports the following:

There is now API support for camera and in-app payments, widening the range of Android apps that the runtime supports and giving developers another way to monetise their apps. In-app payments will be carried out through BlackBerry App World using existing sign-in IDs.

Another new feature is multi-window support, which allows apps to launch in separate windows to help with multitasking. Native BlackBerry 10 apps already include this.

The features are already available in the beta version of BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps and will be included in a PlayBook update later in the summer.

Not much to add here…

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