Long-term followers of this blog are likely to know PackT – the innovative UK-based publisher has thrown out a huge amount of interesting books in the last few years.

Having reached a thousand tomes, PackT has now sent out the following and highly attractive offer:

Packt Publishing has come a long way since it published its first book in 2004, and is now one of the leading technical publishers, renowned among developers for its focused and practical books on a wide range of tools and technologies.

Packt has just published its 1000th book. You are invited to join us in celebrating this milestone with a gift. Access our library, PacktLib, for free for a week, and choose any of our eBooks to download and keep.

To make use of this offer, you simply need to go to www.packtpub.com and log into your account, or register for an account, between the 28th and 30th September.
At Packt, we really appreciate your support in helping us get this far, and hope that you will continue to enjoy our range of books.

Not much to add here except that we congratulate whole-heartedly…

Welcome to week 8 of the (hopefully never-ending) Tamoggemon Content Network “Crazy Sunday” promotion! I am currently traveling, and thus don’t feel like typing a long description text – which I apparently just typed anyways.

This week, we are giving away one free license of SplashShopper for BlackBerry. This product allows you to forget your shopping list – just do as your BlackBerry says and you’ll be all set!

In order to get your grubby hands onto it, all you need to do is leave a useful and valuable comment on ANY post on this news service along with your email address in the email field. Doing so is free and anonymous, as your identity is protected by Austrian press laws unless you post sth political or advocate criminal acts.

Last week’s price was a free license of SBSH SafeWallet. It unfortunately went unclaimed – in case anyone of you feels like buying it, use the discount code CRAZYSUNDAY to get 20% off in the TamsShop.

With that, I wish you all the best – see you here again next week!

In Austria, couples are afraid of the seventh year of their relation…which means that essentially every number can be construed to mean something negative. Fortunately, Crazy Sunday is here to stay!

This week, there is stuff to be had. In particular, you can get your claws onto a free license of SBSH SafeWallet. It allows you to stay on top of your passwords with ease – and is a must have if you find yourself forgetting passwords often.

Getting your hands onto the goods is really easy: leave a non-spam comment on ANY post on TamsPalm. DO fill in your email address so that we can contact you if you have won – it will not be abused in any way. Multiple entries are permitted!

New from this week is entry via the TamsForum. The TamsForum has been around for quite some time, but didn’t quite get off the ground so far – participating in the discussion there also enters you into the raffle.

Finally, it’s time to look at last week’s price. We had a wonderful license of PhoneFace – it went to user Marc Marling. In case anyone of you feels like taking a stab, use the discount code CRAZYSUNDAY to get 20% off the product’s list price in the TamsShop.

P.S. If you have ideas about the TamsForum, leave them here. They will be counted towards the competition!

Finding a non-X-rated topic for this week’s Crazy Sunday giveaway was difficult at best – I hope that this one fits the taste of all of you. We’re in the sixth week now, and have given away a fair load of prizes all across the news network…so there should be no reason for unhappiness.

This week, you are invited to get your hands onto a copy of PhoneFace for BlackBerry. PhoneFace is like CoverFlow for contacts – forget browsing through boring contact lists and start looking at photos of your friends…

Don’t ask me why nobody claimed MobiSystems Concise Oxford American Dictionary – all it would have taken was a single comment. In case anyone of you wants to take a pop now, use the discount code CRAZYSUNDAY to get 20% off all of the MSDict products which can be found in the TamsShop.

With that, I wish you all the best – see you again here next week!

Palm’s V series is one of the major milestones in terms of handset design…which means that five can be considered a lucky number. So: all those afraid of the number four should jump right back into the competition – there are more prizes to be given away.

This week, a license of Concise Oxford American Thesaurus can be claimed by leaving a valid comment. Leave your dictionary at home…your BlackBerry does it all!

Unfortunately, Tetraphobia affected comment uptake…which means that FlipSide will find a worthy home another day. Hit the product’s TamsShop portal and use the discount code CRAZYSUNDAY to get 20% off in case you feel like this tool.

With that, I wish you all the best of luck – see you here next week!

DJ Shadow went out after the third strike – our Crazy Sunday promo is a real diehard and enters week 4. Before looking at the prices, please allow me to reiterate the rules:

Post a useful non-spam comment to ANY post on the news service to participate. Leave a valid email address in the email field so that we can get in touch…and hope for the best. Email addresses are not used in any other way – and saying “Hi” or “count me in” doesn’t count.

This week, we are giving away a license of FlipSide. FlipSide is a must have for all of you who use their BlackBerry’s music player…it adds CoverFlow into the mix. Definitely take a look at it – it can even download album covers for you from the internet…

Last weeks prize was a license of SplashMoney. Unfortunately, this finance manager was not claimed by anyone – in case anyone else of you feels like taking a stab at the program, use the discount code CRAZYSUNDAY to get 20 off the retail price in the TamsShop!

With that said, I wish you all good luck – see you all next week!

Week 2 of our Crazy Sunday raffle is over: this means that one price must be given away, and another one must be announced. Before we get down to the nitty-gritty, please allow me to thank you all for talking back!

Your comments are what keeps a news service like this one running. Tell us that you love us, or tell that you hate us (and why)…but show us that you are there! We love you all…seriously!

This week, you guys are entitled to a free pop at SplashData’s SplashMoney! SplashMoney is a really cool budgeting app – and is darn easy to use!

Last week’s price (a license of SplashID, a password manager program) goes back to the prize queue. In case anyone else wants a pop at the program, knock 20% off the product’s retail price in the TamsShop with the discount code CRAZYSUNDAY.

With that, this post ends – just talk back and leave behind an email address in order to participate!

The first round of Crazy Sunday has just ended on the six participating news services – and the winners have been determined and were furthermore contacted by email. But before we look at who lucked out, let’s look at this week’s price.

This week, people who tend to forget passwords must enter lest they burn in hell. The reason is our prize: you are in for a free license of SplashData’s password manager SplashID.

As usual: post a non-spam comment with your email address in the email field on any news story to participate. The Tamoggemon Content team wishes you all the best!

Unfortunately, our license of HanDBase has to wait for another time – watch this space, it may just reappear another day…

Dear Readers,
Please accept my most sincere apologies for not having written more in the past few days, but I was without my laptop due to a variety of shipment eekers with a German web shop.

However, better late than never…please give a warm welcome to crazy Sunday. Crazy Sunday is the latest brainchild of yours truly’s wife, and will allow you to pick up a nice bunch of free stuff in the next few months (void where prohibited!).

The rules of Crazy Sunday are easy: I announce a new product here every Monday, along with the winner of the last one. As this one is delayed, the next announcement will be on Monday, the 20th. BTW: the winner is chosen at random from all people who lave left behind a non-spam comment on any post along with a valid email address in the email field.

DDH’s HanDBase for BlackBerry is an extremely useful product: it allows you to keep large databases of stuff on your handheld. You define the scheme on the PC, and deploy it to the handset…after which data parsing and collecting can begin.

For the item above, all comments posted on the 12th of April are counted. In case you haven’t talked back yet, do so now – it is free and anonymous (your email address is protected by Austrian law unless you post political stuff).

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