While RIM was very elusive about it’s next gen BB10 platform, it was made almost clear that it would be ditching it’s trademark physical QWERTY keyboard for a full touch device.

The same has been made clear by the new RIM CEO, Thorsten Heins. He quoted

…even on a full touch device, BlackBerry is still about typing and getting things done.

Heins also highlighted the proposed integrated nature of the company’s platform.

We believe that to deliver a compelling offering to you out there, we need to combine fantastic software and hardware with cloud services.

RIM plans to launch BB10 powered devices later this year as there is a delay due to the firm having to wait on critical chipsets becoming available.

While RIM is marketing the BB10 as

..a new, revolutionary mobile computing engine we have built

we fear that the war of ecosystems has gone to a higher level and RIM is a late entry into it. RIM plans to counter this by incentivizing it’s product line. Looking forward to make a strong foothold, RIM seeks to upgrade the current users of the now end-of-life BB7 OS to BB10.

We wait for the results to present themselves to us when the time is right. Until then, stay tuned..!!

If what you are going to read is true, then God save RIM. Just ahead of its transition to QNX platform, rumours have it that RIM might have lost the BB Software man, Suresh Periyalwar.

According to BGR, Suresh might have had left RIM because he might have lost his faith in the QNX. Or he might be a victim of the management overhaul. Suresh, who is the Senior Vice President of handheld software, has been with RIM since 2001 He was promoted to SVP in May 2008.

The sources have said that more key employees are looking forward to abandon the ship, which is bad bad news for RIM.


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