blackbery – the real-time in-app analytics platform that shows information by using eye-catching visual elements is now available for developers on the BB10 Platform. The platform is free and  can be deployed on the developers’ servers to track several metrics real time.

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Call it OMG, but a number of big devs out there have been slapped with a lawsuit on stealing user data through their apps without the user consent.

According to Mobile Business Briefing

In a filing made to the US district court for Texas, companies listed include social app developers Facebook, Foursquare, Gowalla, Path, LinkedIn and Twitter, games companies EA, Rovio and ZeptoLab, plus several other high-profile titles.

The suit, on behalf of 13 consumers, calls for firms to stop harvesting data without user consent, and also seeks monetary compensation.

This puts a serious question on the moral integrity of the above developers whom the consumers trust blindly. They might claim whatever, butit is still to be established what has been done with the data that has been accumulated by such means.

We wait for the court to find out.until then, stay tuned…!!

A few years ago, the market was easy – you had an app for Palm, for Windows Phone (Windows Mobile) and maybe Symbian. Now, new platforms have emerged which have taken the lead from the incumbents – but where is the money at?

Vision Mobile has now shared the following insightful graph:
platform program prices The Mobile Platform Race   where the money is

For me, the biggest surprise is that Symbian still moves the least software – what do you think is the reason for this?

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