After getting the famed FIPS certification by the US Government, RIM has pulled up another feat by getting the BlackBerry PlayBook certified by the Defense Signals Directorate (or the DSD). When something gets certified by the DSD, it means that the “thing” can store information with a classification of up to and including RESTRICTED or PROTECTED.



PlayBook gets Australian Certification

Scott Deacon, Manager Security Certifications, APAC BlackBerry Security quoted:

RIM continues to set the benchmark for government security and now with DSD approval the BlackBerry PlayBook is the first tablet to be certified for deployment in Australian government departments. This again demonstrates our leadership in the government sector and our commitment and investment in secure mobile technology

This is something very good for the already troubled RIM. With it’s advanced and heavily reliable methods of securing data, the BlackBerry PlayBook will soon see itself at major government offices across the globe.

What is funny over here that RIM still does not have the information on it’s press site (The time of writing this post is 4.54 PM IST).

Stay tuned for more…!!!


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