One of the most popular mobile phone browsers, Opera Mini has launched a brand new version – the Opera Mini 7 for your Blackberry. Apart from the direct access to social media, the browser offers superior compression (especially good for those with limited data plans).

The blog adds that the new browser makes the feature phones “act smart”. Yes, with the Smart page feature that gives quick and easy access to the visited sites and popular contents.

New features in Opera Mini 7 include the following:

  • Smart page with overview of your favorite sites, latest updates from social networks (Twitter and Facebook), news gathered from your favorite sites (via their RSS feeds) and suggested links.
  • Unlimited speed dials
  • Right-to-left support in UI.
  • Tab improvements.
  • No more “www.” in address bar.

You can download the Mini from :

India, other than being the largest democracy in the world, is also the largest Opera mini consumer in the world. This news comes direct from the horse’s mouth – Opera Software ASA. India has surpassed Russia to claim the numero uno position, While Russia and Indonesia rank as second and third.

The reason behind this is

The growth of Opera Mini products in India is part of the Mobile Internet Generation (“M-gen” among friends). By largely bypassing the need for expensive computer equipment and connections, the M-gen access the web right from their mobile phones.

Since a majority of people do not use high end smartphones, there ultimate choice for browser is the Opera Mini, which runs flawlessly on low end devices. The entire gamut of services offered by the Opera Mini fulfills the exact requirement of the customers.

According to Opera

In April 2012, the consumer base of Opera Mini browser saw a slight decrease in unique users, most likely due to seasonal fluctuations in CIS countries. Seasonal dips occur from time to time and a similar dip was observed around the same time in spring 2010. In all, more than 189 million people used the Opera Mini and Opera Mobile in April. The Opera Mini servers (which do not process pages from Opera Mobile) served 108 billion pages and compressed more than 19 petabytes of data for Opera Mini users. The total number of monthly Opera Mini users exclude Opera Mini Next installations.

Opera Mini is so popular here, that even I use it as the browser of choice on my Galaxy Note.

You can download the printable version from here.

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